Happy New Year 2011!!!

Yeay, it is so far! New year, new job, new life…

Got a great evening with some friends at a party in Antwerp’s center,… all I need to forget that bad 2010!

Because yes, 2010 really sucked… I lost a lot of things: heart deception, best friend, a lovely colleague, house where I grow up, … 6 months of “un”showed depression cannot be so easily erased from my memory, but I’m still hoping that 2011 can’t be as bad as 2010 ^^

If I need to retain 3 good things from 2010…? Mhh, let see… I realized my dream travel to Japan on my own, I make some good new friends I would never expect before, I found a new job!

Wish you all the best for the coming year!
よい おとし を!!!

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  1. Jeffry,
    We zijn oprecht blij te lezen dat na een kwakkeljaar, alles nu wat in de plooi valt. We wensen je dan ook privé alle “liefde en warmte” toe en “succes” in je nieuwe job.
    We can stay in touch if you want,because we also care about you!
    Liefs en groetjes vanuit Koksijde,
    Christine en Hans